II.          Those attending: Carl Rickershauser (NJSIAA Rules Interpreter), James Casey (Assistant to Meet Director), Lou Fraulo (North 1 Meet Director), Wayne Letwink (North 2 Meet Director), Beth Moroney (Central Meet Director), James Camburn (South Meet Director), Frank Calise (Fraulo Timing Systems), Joseph McLaughlin (Coach at Notre Dame), and John Shea (Coach at Eastern High School).


III.         Review of Season – Every one agreed that the three weekends went very smoothly, with only a few “bumps” along the way. For the Meet of Champions, because of the size and intensity of the crowd at the starting area, all finish line and finish chute personnel will be present at the start of each race to help in crowd control.


III.        Correspondence

11.         Frieda Nelson – Qualifying from Sectionals to Group Meets. Ms. Nelson would like to see wildcard advancers from sectionals to Group Meets. There was a lengthy discussion because many coaches of the larger schools are in favor of wildcards from the sectional level. However, the majority of the committee felt that cross-country is a TEAM sport first; therefore TEAM entries are encouraged over individual entries. The advancement of individuals who place in the top 10 at sectionals is in recognition of their individual ability.  No action was taken to change the qualifications from the sectionals to the group meets.


22.         Stan Fryczynski questioned the length of the course at Warinanco Park. It is about 130 meters longer than 5000 meters.  Wayne Letwink, the meet director at Warinanco Park, the site of North II Sectionals, stated that this is the only complaint he has ever received concerning the length. This has been the length of the course for many years. Mr. Letwink said that coaches have told him that changing the course would eliminate for them the barometer this course has become for area coaches when comparing their athletes to past athletes and for being able to know what to expect from their runners when they race at Holmdel. It appears that the time a runner makes at Warinanco Park is very close to what that runner will do at Holmdel. Therefore the committee ruled that unless there are many more complaints, there is no need to modify the present course.


33.         John Pontes suggested that meet management should collect the place cards from coaches because he knows of many instances where coaches write anything down on the summary card just to get it done and handed in.  In the future, Meet Directors will be asked to collect the place cards and staple them to the Summary Card to prevent a possible mess if there appears to be a problem with the tear-offs in the team scoring.


44.         Tom Purdy complained about what appears to have been an illegal action by a Pingry coach. Since it was not reported by an official, there is nothing that can be done. However, the communication will be forwarded to Pingry.


55.         Brendan Donegan made a proposal for changing the advancement from Groups to Meet of Champions: Top 2 teams in each Group (i.e. 12 automatic qualifiers) plus the next 8 fastest teams who place 3rd, 4th, or 5th. Place overrules time when times are tied to the second. Individual wild card advancement will not be changed. After considerable discussion, the proposal was passed. This proposal will have to be approved by the NJSIAA Program Review Committee and two votes of the NJSIAA Executive Committee.


66.         Jack Martin would like individuals and teams intermixed on the starting line at groups and Meet of Champions. Discussed, but no action taken. The main feeling was that the Teams should be given preference on the starting line because cross-country is first and foremost a team sport. However, the committee did direct the meet director to make pole position #1 on the right (from the starter’s point of view) which is the opposite of where it has been and that the individuals be place on the line after the teams, but according to the times/places from sectionals in the group meet and times/places from the group meet in the meet of champions.


IV.        Policy Items

11.         Because of a problem that occurs on occasion, the committee adopted the following new regulation: 40 minutes after the start of any race in the cross-country tournament (Sectionals, Group Meet, and Meet of Champions), the race will be declared over and no additional scoring will take place.


22.         Does Cross-Country need to adopt the sports-specific method for grouping schools? This item was discussed at the requests of coaches particularly from the south section because in Group One Girls there were only 44 in the race with 4 team finishers. The boys in the same section had only 9 finishers. Things were just as bad in North 2 and Central (6 and 5 respectively in the girls Group I and 8 in both sections for the boys). Group 2 was almost as weak for the girls (10 in North 2, 13 in Central, and 9 in South). The committee decided to table it until a statistical analysis can be done to see what a sports-specific grouping would look like. It will be done as soon as possible and sent to the committee for action next year.


33.         It was proposed and passed that individual awards go to the top 20 finishers in the Meet of Champions (both boys and girls). That is an addition of 5 medals for both races.


44.         The park has reported problems with runners going into the areas that the park has declared off limits (the farm and the arboretum). Also, athletes are tearing down the signs that mark these limits. Therefore the following regulation will be added to the tournament regulations:


<            Schools who have any athlete(s) caught violating the areas that are off-limits to runners in Holmdel Park and/or who are seen taking down signs will be fined a minimum of $100.00 (more if any damage is done to the signs or the off-limits area) for the first offense. Any subsequent offense will cause the school to be banned from the park for an entire calendar year, dating from the date of the second offense.


V.         Tournament Regulations

            1.         Next year’s Dates:

                        November 4, 2006 – Sectionals

                        November 11, 2006 – State Group Meets

                        November 18, 2006 – Meet of Champions

            Sites remain the same



            2.         Sectional Order of Events

                        10:00   Group IV Boys             11:40   Group III Boys

                        10:25   Group I Boys               12:05   Group II Boys

                        10:50   Group IV Girls              12:30   Group III Girls

                        11:15   Group I Girls                12:55   Group II Girls

            Site: Holmdel Park

            3.         State Group Order of Events

                        10:00   Group I Boys               11:40   Group II Boys              1:20     Non-Public B Boys

                        10:25   Group IV Boys             12:05   Group III Boys              1:45     Non-Public A Boys

                        10:50   Group I Girls                12:30   Group II Girls               2:10     Non-Public B Girls

                        11:15   Group IV Girls              12:55   Group III Girls              2:35     Non-Public A Girls


                        Awards Ceremony for each group will following (approximately) the following schedule:

                        10:40   Gr 1 Boys                    12:20   Gr 2 Boys                    1:55     NP B Boys

                        11:05   Gr 4 Boys                    12:45   Gr 3 Boys                    2:20     NP A Boys

                        11:30   Gr 1 Girls                     1:05     Gr 2 Girls                     2:45     NP B Girls

                        11:55   Gr 4 Girls                     1:30     Gr 3 Girls                     3:05     NP A Girls                       

            Site: Holmdel Park


            4.         Meet of Champions

                        10:00   Boys

                        10:45   Girls

                        11:15   Awards Ceremony (starting with Boys)

            Site: Holmdel Park