Time: 9:30 am

Place: NJSIAA Headquarters, Robbinsville, NJ

When: November 24, 2009


Present: Carl Rickershauser [State Rules Interpreter], Jim Casey [Assistant tournament director], Justina Cassavell [Coach, Voorhees], Steve Shaklee, [Coach, Cherokee], Aaron Oldfield [Coach, Hopewell Valley], Len Pietrewicz, [Coach, Randolph], Wayne Letwink [North II Meet Director], Lou Fraulo [North I Meet Director and Chief Scorer of Group Meet and Meet of Champions], Frank Calise [Associate Scorer and Computer operator],  Don Danser [NJSIAA staff].

1.         Correspondence:

a.         From Jack Martin of Westfield, who questioned the pole positions at Warinanco Park. Pole positions are determined primarily on last year’s results for the current year’s sectional. However, the Meet Director decides where Position #1 is on his/her starting line. It may be from the left, or the right, or in the middle working left and right. It may be different at each site.

b.         From Kevin Attridge of Mater Dei – thanked the association for a good meet which was a great experience for his girls team.

c.         Bill Hitner, St. Joseph Hamilton- there was some confusion at the Group Meet as to the grouping of this school in the Non-Public meets.   This confusion started with a change in St. Joseph’s enrollment figures after the initial classification was published. The change of St. Joseph from A to B was not recorded everywhere and the error was not noticed until meet day. Fortunately, St. Joseph got to run in the correct race, and meet management apologized for the “hassle” the coach and athletes went through that day.

d.         Jack Heath, Gloucester Catholic High School – after thanking us for a good meet, he asked if something could be done to even out the Non-Public A and B races. This was discussed later.

e.         Mark Borchert, Holmdel Park Manager – Mark shared with us the concerns of the Holmdel Police about the illegally parked cars on the streets surrounding the park at the Group Meets, in spite of the fact that we had arranged for parking at Vonage with a shuttle bus service to and from Holmdel Park and Vonage. Many cars were ticketed. The police asked us to help prevent the problem. We said we would post these warnings in our regulations and on NJSIAA website as well as on the Fraulo, Scullion, Dyestat and Morris County sites which generally post our results and/or are frequented by the cross-country public to help spread the word. We also will ask the Record and Star-Ledger cross-country sports writers to mention this in their previews of the meets.

g.         Chris Threston – Bishop Eustace – expressed concerns about the non-public classifications. See below.

2.         Procedures/Rules Changes

a.         First issue of discussion was the need to “fix” the imbalance in the Non-Public Classification. Given the restrains of the NJSIAA constitution, the committee decided to try the following for next year:

1.       Sectionals for non-publics are not justified based on the numbers of schools fielding full teams.

2.       Boys and girls will continue to be classified separately because of the large number of single-sex schools.

3.       The closing date for entries for non-publics will be Oct 27, 2010. The team entries received at that point will then be divided into Non-Public A and B.

4.       Late Entries will be added to the division their enrollment indicates based on the range that was established after the closing date.

5.       Individual entries will run in the appropriate division based on their school’s enrollment.


b.         Discussion of the requirement to submit dual meet scores to www.njschoolsports.com centered around the reason (70% rule). Since several areas run “batch” meets, it was asked that some method be found to allow the scorer of those meets to report the scores without having to individually enter each one. NJSIAA staff will look into it.

c.         Reminder of the rule change added this year for all fall sports – Rule 19, Section 5, which states: Transfers on or after October 17, 2009, are not eligible for post-season play in cross-country.   It is based on Article V, Section 4.kd(2).d. There is a similar rule for winter and spring sports.

d..        Committee voted to proceed with changing Rule 19, Section 11 – Standard Distances for Cross-Country to read:

                                  Article 1. …Freshman – 3500 metters

                                  Article 2. … Junior Varsity/Varsity – 5000 meters

            The above reflects what is actually taking place.

e.         Annual discussion took place in changing the advancement procedures from the Group Meet to the Meet of Champions. The following points were agreed on:

1.         The start at Holmdel is too restrictive for the caliber of athletes participating to add to the field; therefore, no additional teams or individuals should be added.

2.         Any change that would take opportunities to compete in the Meet of Champions away from any group has always been turned down by the Program Review Committee and the Executive Committee because the philosophy of the NJSIAA toward T of C/M of C events has always been that these events are staged for the winners of the Group Tournaments and are not an attempt to get only the best teams/competitors into these events.

3.         Therefore, to change the present qualification system would take legislation, the procedure for which is outlined in the NJSIAA Constitution and By-laws.

f.          Discussion of the Starting Time for the Meet of Champions.- Committee decided to leave it the same as the other meets for consistency.

3.         Changes in the Tournament Regulations

            1.         Sectional Date – November 6, 2010

            2.         Group Meets – November 13, 2010

            3.         Meet of Champions – November 20, 2010

            4.         Entries Close – Public October 21, 2010; Non-Public October 27, 2010

            5.         Sectional Schedule

                        10:00 am         Group III Boys           11:40 am         Group IV Boys

                        10:25 am         Group II Boys             12:05 pm         Group I Boys

                        10:50 am         Group III Girls            12:30 pm         Group IV Girls

                        11:15 m           Group II Girls             12:55 pm         Group I Girls

            6.         Group Meet Schedule

                        10:00 am         NP B Boys      11:40 am   Group I Boys        1:20 pm   Group II Boys

                        10:25 am         NP A Boys      12:05 pm   Group IV Boys     1:40 pm   Group III Boys

                        10:50 am         NP B Girls      12:30 pm   Group I Girls         2:10 pm   Group II Girls

                        11:15 am         NP A Girls      12:55 pm   Group IV Girls      2:35 pm   Group III Girls

            7.         Meet of Champions

                        10:00 am - Boys          10:45 am - Girls